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From is the only app designed to help you organize, catalog and cherish all your gifts from friends and family. With From you can take pictures of the gifts or cards you receive and save the details–date, occasions, in-the-moment feelings, and more.

catalog and browse your gifts by list and album

Keeping track of your gifts has never been easier. Browse your collection so you can treat all of your gifts and the memories you have of them.

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Search by Event: Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Bachelor Party, Wedding, Baby Shower, Housewarming...
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share the love and send a than you card

It’s great to receive a gifts, but it’s even better to show how much you cherish it by sending the giver a thoughtful thank-you note. Choose from our selection of beautiful cards to express your excitement and gratitude.

"I love this app! It's beautiful and easy to use and it's the only one I could find to help me manage the gifts I received."

–by Ms Shoes